Don Lemon reacts to Dave Chappelle calling him out in Netflix special

In Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special 8:46 — which was posted to the Netflix Is A Joke YouTube channel in the early morning hours on Friday — he addresses the death of George Floyd. But he also criticizes some of the media reaction to it, including that of CNN anchor Don Lemon.

Chappelle, who taped the performance on June 6 in Yellow Springs, Ohio, near his home, took issue with Lemon’s call for black Hollywood celebrities to speak out.

“I’m watching Don Lemon, that hotbed of reality,” Chappelle said. “He says, where are all these celebrities? Why aren’t you all talking?

Then Chappelle said, “Does it matter about celebrity? No. This is the streets talking for themselves. They don’t need me right now. I kept my mouth shut and I will still keep my mouth shut.”

Lemon responded saying that he is agrees.

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