Enough With The Names!! President Trump Prefers To Call Covid19 “The Plague From China”

Trump’s “China plague” rhetoric comes days after news broke that the administration is set to cancel visas for thousands of Chinese students who have ties to China’s army. The New York Times reported that further restrictions could potentially be handed down.

The president’s language has drawn backlash in the past from many in the Asian American community, who witnessed an uptick in hate crimes during the pandemic, and warned that further use could spur more anti-Asian bias across the country. Trump told Fox News in a March interview that he was moving away from the terminology, but didn’t regret using it in the past.

The timing of the increased use of “China plague” coincides with the launch of “Asian Americans for Trump” last week, a bid to appeal to the Asian American electorate, which Trump failed to capture in the last election cycle. According to a 2016 exit poll, the vast majority of Asian Americans (79 percent) voted for Hilary Clinton.

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