Good Samaritans Use CPR To Revive Baby Deer Trapped In Lake.

Brian and Liz Ballard were out for a normal boat day on Lake Tyler last week in Texas, until a simple act of kindness and humanity now has them being hailed as heroes after rescuing a baby deer from the lake.

Although it was initially mistaken for a dead fish, the Ballard’s were shocked to find as they got closer that it was actually a fawn. As they stopped their boat to pull the lifeless critter onto the deck, another good samaritan named Ashton Byrd immediately joined to lend a helping hand.

“It [seemed] dead, but it had life in its eyes,” Byrd told KETK News. “So I killed the boat and took off my shirt and jumped over to their boat.”

After several minutes of CPR from Byrd and Ballard, it was able to regain its breath and shakily stood to its feet. Later they brought the deer to a wildlife rehabilitation clinic, where the wildlife specialists are happy to report that it’s making a speedy recovery and getting stronger with every passing day.

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