Stephen Hawking: We Must Become Interplanetary Species Within 100 Years or We’ll All Die.

Stephen Hawking is known for his sometimes-adventurous remarks, but the latest in his observational comments involves the time mankind has remaining to develop a means for interplanetary colonization before the Earth ultimately becomes overpopulated and we all die from one cause or another.

He was quoted previously for giving mankind around 1,000 years before some major catastrophe would wipe us all out. He also noted how becoming an interplanetary species could help change all that, but his new perspective gives the previous timeframe a 10x boost in urgency.

Fortunately for us, the discovery of several Earth-like planets outside the solar system has opened the possibilities of expanding our horizons and establish out first interstellar colonies. What would life be like on these ‘super-Earths’? And if we ever got there… would we be able to leave? Science Insider tells you all you need to know about science: space, medicine, biotech, physiology, and more.

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