This Cringe Inducing Video Is Getting Trashed By The Internet

Hollywood Celebs ‘Take Responsibility’

As the saying goes, the celebs are at it again. On Thursday a PSA starring A-listers including Kristen Bell, Kesha, Aaron Paul, Stanley Tucci, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Debra Messing launched a new campaign called #ITakeResponsibility.

Confluential Films and the NAACP have partnered to launch the impact-oriented campaign, #ITakeResponsibility, where influential voices from the white community take responsibility for turning the racist tide in America.

@Bridget "Thank you for this, I needed a laugh today." @MarlowNYC "Regret to inform you the celebs are at it again" @AbbyHiggs "What are they auditioning for"@OrwellNGoode "We need to place a moratorium on celebrities until we can figure out what is going on." @sharkpizza"another Imagine cringe fest"@aliYou’re just hurting the Black community with this blatant acting job.@minervastreep“oh, they’re at it again”
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